Lil' Blue Buddy!

Journey to the remote Isle of Polu, where you will meet the curious and adorable little creatures known as Buddies! Visit the Hatchery to choose your Buddy, and bring it to one of the Isle’s lovely beaches to fill its belly with delicious fruit! The more fruit your Buddy eats, the more points you will earn. But remember: Buddies only have a limited amount of time to forage, and they don't like sour fruits. Eating a sour fruit will cause your Buddy to lose time. Also, some fruits are too big to be eaten and will stun your Buddy if they land on its head. Be sure to dodge these obstacles! Use your points to unlock and purchase eggs to hatch new Buddies, and customize your Buddies with cool markings and colorful wristbands. What are you waiting for? Come play!
Available for Desktop, iPhone, and Android

What is Lil' Blue Buddy?

Lil' Blue Buddy is a fun time management game where the player must guide their buddy between two trees in order to catch as much fruit as possible. The goal of the game is to catch as much fruit as you can while avoiding sour fruits like limes and lemons or hard to eat fruits like coconuts in order to get as many points as you can. Lil' Blue Buddy is full of exciting, fun, and challenging rewards for those who play! Come on and play with your new friends!

Plus, they are just so adorable! How could you say "no" to this face?


There are many different kinds, each one has their own favorite food which provides extra points!


Red Buddies love strawberries


Blue Buddies love blueberries


Pink Buddies love raspberries


How do you play?

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Who's behind Lil' Blue Buddy?

Meet the crew!

Jon Sousa

Lead Developer

Lead Artist

Lead Level Designer

Lead Game Designer

Audrey Fowler

Developed Lil' Blue Buddy's

first 4 videos!